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CS/IS 130 - INTRODUCTION TO ALGORITHMS - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Is CS/IS-130 an online class?

A: Yes. CS/IS-130 is an ONLINE class, which means we will not meet in classroom or online for lectures.


Q: Do you have office hours?

A: Yes. I will hold office hours via Zoom every week (usually Mondays and/or Fridays).


Q: Do I need both textbooks listed in the syllabus?

A: Yes. The second textbook authored by Prof. Shaffer is free and is available for download in PDF format.


Q: Do lecture notes contain the same information as the textbook?

A: No. Lecture notes are used for lecture discussion purposes. To properly study the material you need to have the textbook.


Q: What materials do I need for this class?

A: CS/IS-130 class is by design a "paperless" class, meaning there will be no paper documents that I'll ask you to submit and I will not distribute any paper documents. All the material for this course is available online. That being said, I do recommend that all students have at least one USB drive (flash drive or, even better, and external hard disk) to back up projects and various course materials for offline use.


Q: What software do I need for this class?

A: There are two pieces of software that you need to have installed on your computer (lab computers already have all this): Java Development Kit (JDK) and an IDE of your choice. Both software links are at the bottom of CSIS-130 course page in the Resources section.


Q: What online resources will I need access to?

A: You'll need access to your GCC email, GCC Canvas, and HyperGrade.


Q: What is the CSIS-130 course code in HyperGrade?

A: 10565


Q: What are exam formats?

A: Both midterm and final exams will have two parts. The first part is a multiple choice test in Canvas. The second part is a programming assignment, similar to lab and homework programming assignments, published in HyperGrade. The Canvas exam time will be limited to 2 hours. You will have 24 hours to complete the HyperGrade exam programming assignment both for midterm and final exams


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